Friday, August 6, 2010

Benefit Stay Put Set

I love sets. Especially when they are only $10. Because I wasn't convinced into buying the full size products, this gave me a chance to trying out the products without breaking the bank. I mean $10!! Fantastic!! I purchased it from Sephora. The set include sample sizes of Stay don't Stray Primer, Erase Paste in #2, and Creaseless shadow in RSVP. The Stay don't stray primer is an awesome under eye primer. It prevents concealer from disappearing and creasing. I never seen a product this effective for that purpose. On the other hand, it wasn't that great on the lid. My eyeshadow still creased but not under my eyes. I think this item is worth repurchasing. The concealer works great combined with the primer. I even feel comfortable just wearing the primer and concealer only. No foundations needed on the days I want to take it easy =). The creaseless shadow in rsvp is a pinky, peachy, and champagne color base. It creates an easy eye look. I can also use this as a highlighter for my cheekbones.

From left to right - Stay Don't Stray, Erase Paste #2, RSVP


  1. I was going to purchase this set...because it's SUCH a steal! the creaseless cream shadow/liners are about $20 EACH (they're an all time favorite of mine) so definitely a steal. LOVE rsvp!

  2. Chelsea, they are great. I think I am getting a back up just because its so great and affordable.